LEGO UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Designer Signing Event

All true LEGO Star Wars fans in London will be heading to the LEGO retail store in Leicester Square this Sunday. Will you be one of them?

You could be one of the first owners in the world of the brand new Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer set if you are a card-carry member of the LEGO VIP Reward programme and can get to central London.

London sees global launch of LEGO Star Wars 75252 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

Starting at noon and running through to 4pm, the LEGO Leicester Square retail shop will be selling a limited number (rumours say 150) of the newest Imperial ship to enter service.

Not only will those attending get to buy this set three days ahead of all the other LEGO VIPs, and thirteen days before the rest of the world, they will also receive a limited edition Certificate of Authenticity, earn double VIP points (that’s 1400 instead of 700 points that can be redeemed against a future LEGO purchase) – and have a chance to get set designer Henrik Anderson’s signature as well.

LEGO advises that purchases are limited to one per person, on a first come/first served basis and – unlike the the rollout of 75192 Millennium Falcon – there won’t be a cardboard trolley to cart the set away. Be warned – the dimensions of the box are 53.3 x 46 x 38.5 cm, and it weighs 12.6 kgs, so those of travelling on the Underground may struggle.

If you are lucky enough to attend why not continue your experience in the set’s dedicated discussion thread in our LEGO forums, or post it to our Facebook page.

This post originally appeared on on the 13th of September, 2019.

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