LEGO Star Wars Stationery Supplies

If your kids saw our LEGO Star Wars journal report and were a touch miffed that they don’t get to enjoy the full range of officially licensed merchandise with you, call them over and show them these three awesome notebooks.

With a flexible cover, rounded corners and a smaller size that is designed for younger hands, these three Star Wars character-based notebooks each have a stylised LEGO Star Wars minifig adorning the rear cover. They are available, priced $9.99 each, from Amazon right now – just click on the images below to skip straight to the product page.

Softcover Notebook – Darth Vader

LEGO Star Wars Notebook - Darth Vader

Softcover Notebook – StormtrooperLEGO Star Wars Notebook - Stormtrooper

Softcover Notebook – Boba FettLEGO Star Wars Notebook - Boba Fett

If that’s not enough – and why should it be? – there’s a selection of pencils, erasers and stickers to help your child become even more creative.

Deluxe Drawing Gift Set – $9.99

LEGO Star Wars Deluxe Drawing Set

Pencil with Topper – $24.99 (24 pack)

LEGO Star Wars Pencil with Topper

Brick Erasers – $24.99

LEGO Star Wars Brick Erasers

Sticker Sheet Party Pack – $24.99 (12-pack)

LEGO Star Wars Sticker Set

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