New Mystery Box Found

A mystery Star Wars gift box has made a surprise appearance today, via, creating much excitement and speculation in the LEGO Star Wars collecting community.

Limited – at this point in time – to the two LEGO certified stores in the Russian Federation, the box’s description (translated from Russian) doesn’t give much away.

The Gift box is an exclusive limited edition set that is intriguing from the start. A gift box is always a surprise, because no one knows what is inside it! However, the packaging provides a hint – this set will definitely delight Star Wars fans!

Inside the themed box you will find a set based on one of the important battles, the characters of the Saga, exclusive gifts and … Open the new Gift box soon to find out what’s inside!

The Secret Set is a great gift idea as you give not only LEGO®, but also lively emotions. You don’t have to worry whether you like the set you have chosen or not, because the filling of the new Gift box will be appreciated by everyone who is passionate about the famous Saga!

The question that most collectors are asking is “what’s in the box?”. From the few times in the past when LEGO has done mystery boxes the same assumption would be that they are creating an opportunity to get rid of old polybags.

It’s unlikely that polybags will be the only contents of the box, because the RU₽6499 (approximately $85) price point suggests what’s inside has a higher value. The site’s description is purposefully vague – perhaps to put off international collectors – and mentions minifigures, exclusive gifts (likely keychains and such) and a set “based on one of the important battles” which could be one of the “Battle of” micro builds that LEGO provided as gift with purchase exclusives in 2019 and 2020. Or, it could be the recently released 75294 Bespin Duel.

Those collectors with Russian connections will benefit because this mystery gift box is only available domestically at the Moscow and Rostov-on-Don certified stores or ordered online for delivery within the Russian Federation only. Don’t expect these to make an appearance at other LEGO branded stores or online – this particular retailer has a history of creating their own, local promotions.

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