Russian Mystery Box Revealed

Creating quite a stir when it jumped out at us yesterday, the contents of the LEGO Star Wars mystery box that is exclusively available at the LEGO Certified Stores in the Russian Federation have been now been unmasked.

Inside the specially designed gift box are the following items:

  1. Article (75317) BrickHeadz The Mandalorian and The Child (x1)
  2. Article (52224) Invisible Writer with Journal (x1)
  3. Article (40391) Brick Sketches First Order Stormtrooper (x1)
  4. Article (40333) Battle of Hoth – 20th Anniversary Edition (x1)
  5. Article (40407) Death Star II Battle (x1)
  6. Article (6177628) R3-M2 (x1)
  7. Article 40330 “UFO” (x1)
  8. Article 40129 “Flying Saucer” (x1)
  9. Article 4638338 Darth Vader keychain (x1)

You’ll notice that some of the set numbers don’t quite match the true LEGO catalogue, and so we used Goggle Lens to translate the screenshot to help further clarify the list. It was largely helpful though it didn’t throw any light on to 40330 and 40129, which we are guessing are the Landspeeder and Star Destroyer bag charms.

For the RU₽6499 (approximately $85) price tag this LEGO Star Wars gift box’s value for money seems exceptional. On their own, the six items that are currently available at retail exceed the $85 value, meaning anyone who buys this set gets the two Battle scene micro-builds and an R3-M2 polybag for free – plus the unique box.

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