Countdown 2020

Day 22: Stormtrooper

Hidden behind the 22nd window in this year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar is a stormtrooper minifigure. First appearing in the Winter Wave of 2019, this dual-molded minifigure was initially available in 75229 Death Star Escape […]

Countdown 2020

Day 18: Snowspeeder

Skimming across the snowy landscape of Hoth is the latest Advent toy – a micro-scale snowspeeder. Differing from the unarmed version (did you even notice?) that flew in 40333 Battle of Hoth – 20th Anniversary Edition, […]

Countdown 2020

Day 17: Pit Droid

Hailing from the junkyards and scrap piles of Mos Espa in The Phantom Menace, the latest addition to the Advent countdown is a DUM-series pit droid. Comprised of 12 elements, its simple construction is an […]

LSW Collector App

Version 1.7

Data entries for the newest minifigs have been added! The way new entries are added has been updated as well meaning changes can be made in real time moving forward. Bug fix for iOS 12 […]

Countdown 2020

Day 12: Porg

The smallest set of Advent graces us on the thirteeth day – it’s a seven-pieced porg! Native to the islands of Ahch-To, these tiny sea birds cover the island and covet attention. The amount of […]

Countdown 2020

Day 10: D-O

While it’s not quite the smallest novelty in this year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, this festive D-O – complete with a Santa hat – does have the lowest part count with only five elements […]

Countdown 2020

Day 9: Rey

Looking pretty annoyed – maybe because she’s on a windswept island with only a light tunic and leggings to protect her from the elements – this Rey minifigure is the ninth Advent novelty of 2020. […]

Countdown 2020

Day 8: X-Wing Fighter

Joining the Rebel fleet’s 30-odd strong squadron of X-wing fighters is this new mini-scale version of the spaceship that has been so pivotal in the telling of the Skywalker Saga. Missing the characteristic blue dome […]