The Mandalorian: What’s Next (Part I)?

Over the past two years, Disney+ has given us a total of ten and a half hours of The Mandalorian – which is nearly double the length of the sum of the running times of the three movies that make up the Original Trilogy – yet LEGO has only delivered six sets (not including the latest bag tags or the miniscale Razor Crest that came with this year’s 75279 LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar) in The Mandalorian collection, so we ask what else can LEGO extract from this amazing TV series?

In this first part we look at some of the inspiring customs that fans and members of the LEGO Star Wars community have come up with from the first season of the show, as well as what existing sets LEGO could make minor tweaks to.

For a time “I have spoken” was the catchphrase of the series, and though it was overtaken by “This is the way” we all have a soft spot for Kuill the helpful and catch-phrase delivering Ugnaught vapor farmer and blurrg herder.

Showing mastery over the organic shape, Letranger Absurde shows that a brick-built blurrg is possible. Sharing that the build was trickier than he initially expected, persistence proved to be the answer. Unfortunately, though, he hasn’t shared the instructions. If you’re interested in making this then you’ll need to snag an Ugnaught head and a Kanjiklub Gang Member torso to get started.

In the series’ second chapter The Mandalorian discovers that while tracking down his latest quarry, The Razor Crest has been stripped for parts by Jawas. Unable to defeat a sandcrawler in one-on-one combat, The Mandalorian reaches out to Kuill, a benevolent local, who helps The Mandalorian to parlay an agreement with the offworld Jawas – retrieve the egg of a rhinoceros-like Mudhorn in exchange for the stolen parts.

Inspired by the scene where The Child first uses the Force and saves The Mandalorian from certain goring, Eurobrick forum member KevFett2011 made use of the woolly mammoth that came with 60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration Base in 2018. Customizing a head and adding a base that depicts the slippery wallow that the mudhorn inhabits, this vignette also makes use of four hand pieces from a Yoda minifigure to compose The Child.

Hidden in the sewers underneath an unnamed settlement on the Outer Rim world of Nevarro is the secret enclave where the rest of The Mandalorian’s cohort – known as The Tribe – meet to keep the ways of the Children of the Watch alive. Chief among them is The Armorer, the female Mandalorian warrior who operates their beskar forge.

Clever is its use of alien helmet piece (from the Space Police III line) and tauntaun tusks to replicate the mythosaur skull, as well as lightsaber blades to recreate the flames of the forge. The full inventory and instructions, which are available at Rebrickable, don’t provide for the minifigures however. There are plenty of recipes and custom minifigures available – purists will want to consider taking the original Boba Fett headgear with jet pack to a nearby vacuum metalizing company to get that proper effect.

Stuck on Tatooine and waiting on repairs to the Razor Crest, The Mandalorian seeks the local Bounty Hunter’s Guild to earn some coin. Directed to the Mos Eisley spaceport cantina he teams up with wannabe- bounty hunter Toro Calican to capture elite mercenary and assassin Fennec Shand.

Heading off into the Dune Sea on a pair of rusty old speeders – which you can find at Rebrickable, the pair eventually catch up with their target, who can be build using the recipe provided by MiniSuperheroesToday.

In the final episode of the season, all the maneuvering of the various factions who have an interest in The Child reach a focus on Nevarro, and the main player in the game – Moff Gideon – has decided to play his hand.

Appearing in an Outland TIE Fighter, Gideon is soon grounded and forced to face The Mandalorian mano a mano. Inspired by the original design at TJ’s Lego Room (part one and part two), this modification utilizes 75211 TIE Fighter from the Solo collection, along with some additional parts for the adjustable wings and landing gears, this updated version by Thomin can be found on Rebrickable. You can add a Moff Gideon minifigure using this purist recipe and properly expand this build – that one day will hopefully be officially added to the LEGO Star Wars theme.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait an entire year for the second part of The Mandalorian: What’s Next?

What sets would you like to see made by LEGO? Feel free to share your thoughts below in our comments section.

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