LEGO Star Wars Magazine – Issue 67 Out Now In UK!

The awesome new issue of LEGO Star Wars magazine – released on Wednesday 13 January – comes with an amazing 42-piece TIE Interceptor toy!

Why is a stormtrooper turning on Darth Vader in the mega comic and can the new TIE Interceptor catch a rebel’s X-wing in the other comic? Find out!

You’ll also get a slick droids poster in the issue, along with a cool poster of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s legendary battle with Anakin Skywalker!

We reveal a new Clone Wars LEGO set and everything you need to know about elite villain Kylo Ren!

There are tons of puzzles for youngsters to tackle, plus three bookmarks for them to cut out and keep.

All this, and more, inside the new LEGO Star Wars magazine – available from newsagents and supermarkets in the UK – as well as online at Five Minute Fun Shop – for £3.99, while stocks last.

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