New Images Of March Sets

It’s always a race to get the first images of new LEGO Star Wars sets, and is first across the line with a gallery of images of the 4+ Resistance X-Wing Fighter (75297), Microfighter Tauntaun & AT-AT Microfighter (75298), and an Imperial Shuttle (75302) that are due out this March.

75297 4+ Resistance X-Wing

75298 Tauntaun & AT-AT Microfighter

75302 Imperial Shuttle

Prices were not revealed in the original post by the COMSED website, though if the earlier rumored details are correct these three sets will have the following prices and part count:

  • 75297 Resistance X-wing Starfighter – $19.99/92 pieces
  • 75298 Tauntaun & AT-AT dualpack – $19.99/213 pieces
  • 75302 Imperial Shuttle – $69.99/589 pieces

It goes without saying that none of this is truely official until LEGO shares their own official announcement.

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