Did LEGO Accidentally Reveal The Skywalker Saga Release Date?

For those readers in the Northern Hemisphere – especially those who have been suffering the current cold snaps – the turning of the season from Winter to Spring won’t come soon enough because the promised release date lies somewhere in the enignmatically defined season.

However, according to a LEGO Star Wars group on Russian social media site VK.com, the date might be right in front of our noses because one of their members posted a tweet supposedly screen-capped from the official LEGO account on Twitter.

While the splash page cautions the reader to patiently wait for the forthcoming date reveal on Twitter, the March 21st calendar icon suggests that The Skywalker Saga release date might have been accidentally outed. With the postulated reveal date a full calendar month away, no-one would define this as soon, leading some to propose this is the game’s actual shelf date.

It should be noted that currently there are no tweets on the LEGO Twitter page that mentions LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, leading us to two conclusions – either the original tweet has been taken down or the image above (which was originally released in the build up to the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special in November) has been doctored.

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