Yoda Is Here To Show You The Way!

We’ve covered the upcoming DK publication – Yoda’s Galaxy Atlas – on a couple of occasions. Most recently we shared some of the page content from the book. As the April 13th release date draws near, the Amazon listing is being updated!

For the first time a standalone image of the exclusive Yoda minifigure that will be included has popped up. As expected it matches the one shown throughout the book. The head and legs are the same as that used in prior versions, and the backpack is a standard element. The torso, however, is a brand new print!

The cover art has also been updated on the listing with Yoda replacing the “mystery” minifigure silhouette that was there previously. It can now be clearly seen that Yoda will come with a uniquely printed 2×2 tile with a map to the Galaxy.

Yoda’s Galaxy Atlas joins a long list of LEGO Star Wars publications which you can find in our Publications section of the Database, and if you are curious about other Yoda minifigures be sure to check out our Mini Steps feature!

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  1. I am just waiting for the obligatory back story comic to explain why Yoda was in the cockpit of Theron Nett’s Red 10 X Wing.

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