Blocks Get Nostalgic For Star Wars

Get ready to reminisce like it’s 1999 because the 77th issue of Blocks Magazine is looking back at the inaugural year of the greatest LEGO theme ever.

A long time ago in a toy shop far, far away, there was a selection of original LEGO Star Wars sets. Blockstalgia presents a misty-eyed look at the first ever X-wing and Snowspeeder, before the Jedi Starfighter is rebuilt in the style of those 1999 releases.  

Also in this latest issue, Blocks celebrates the women who make the LEGO magic happen in a series of five exclusive interviews. Chief Product & Marketing Officer Julia Goldin discusses how LEGO products stay relevant as children’s tastes change and why a diverse workforce is better all-round. We also speak to Tara Wike, Signe Lønholdt, Laura Perron and Signe Wiese about their vastly different but equally fascinating roles.

When a big, new set wows fans the way 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens has, it deserves to take the cover spot. Opening up this special gatefold cover reveals a beautiful extended image of the three NINJAGO City sets, while the interior three-page image shows the trio of models connected. Inside you’ll find a review of the set and two modification guides – one for the single set, one for the full trilogy. 

Design Master Mike Psiaki takes you into the LEGO garage where he fine-tuned the Porsche 911. He reveals everything petrolheads will want to know, including why it’s in white, whose idea it was to make it a two-in-one and which version of the car is his favorite. 

Blocks is giving away two 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens sets this month! To be entered into the latest prize draw and to get Blocks magazine delivered every month – ahead of the shops – visit and check out the money-saving subscription deals available. 

Within the 116 pages you’ll also find a primer for LEGO VIDIYO, a debate about whether new sets will be future classics and a look back at when LEGOLAND Billund opened. Regular sections include Month in MOCs, Ideas Showcase, Top Ten, Technique, Piece Perception, This LEGO Life and more.  

Blocks magazine Issue 77 is available worldwide at now and will arrive in UK shops on Thursday, March 4. Subscribers are already starting to receive their copies. 

Everyone who subscribes to the print edition by March 31 will have a chance of winning (existing subscribers will automatically be entered into the prize draw).  

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