Peel The Force: LEGO Star Wars Sticker Album Review

While collecting scratch ‘n’ sniff, puffy and the must-have Garbage Pail Kids stickers was big in the USA and Canada during the 1980s, kids in Europe got their decal fix from going down to their local supermarket or newsagency and getting the latest sticker album – and German publisher Blue Ocean Entertainment has added LEGO Star Wars to the mix.

First produced in 1970 by Panini Group, an Italian comic and sticker printer, for the FIFA World Cup in Mexico, it wasn’t until 1980 that the fad caught Star Wars fever when British publisher F.K.S Publishers brought out the first The Empire Strikes Back sticker album. The product proved popular, and up until The Last Jedi, each subsequent Star Wars movie was followed by a sticker album published by The Topps Company, Merlin Publishing, Panini, and Blue Ocean Entertainment.

Typically these glossy A4 booklets featured subjects like sports (generally soccer), cartoons, and other TV shows, plus movies – like Star Wars. Each page of the album would contain rectangular or shaped outlines where an appropriately numbered sticker could be placed, that would complete a scene or add an illustration to a particular block of text.

Blue Ocean might be the latest to produce a LEGO Star Wars sticker album, but they weren’t the first because in 1999, 2002 and 2005, both The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones sticker albums produced by Merlin (the UK arm of Panini) had a subset of LEGO Star Wars stickers that were placed on specially dedicated product pages. Differing slightly, the Revenge of the Sith sticker album (also by Merlin but only available in Germany) had a removable poster that had accommodated a short chase set of minifigure stickers.

Bringing the medium fully up to date – and for the first time ever – is the inaugural LEGO Star Wars Sticker Album, published by Blue Ocean in September 2020 for the German market. It was followed by Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish-language versions.

Sticking to the tried and tested method that successfully encourages school children to collect these LEGO Star Wars stickers, Blue Ocean released a number of different packaging options to go with the album: individual packs with five stickers in each, the multipack with eight packs and a minifigure in a foil bag, and four blister packs that contain 10 packs and one of four lenticular cards.

Sold in blind packs so the purchaser wouldn’t know which stickers they were buying, collecting stickers (and swapping dupes) LEGO Star Wars stickers is as a common sight at school playgrounds in Europe today as it was in the 1970s and 80s – just like Pokemon cards, Ooshies, novelty erasers, and fidget spinners have been in the decades following.

In total there are 258 stickers in the album (212 regular stickers, 46 with foil borders) and the four lenticular cards that depict characters, scenes, LEGO-ized movie posters, and iconic vehicles taken from style guides for the various movies and TV shows, plus exclusive content made for the sticker album.

Regular & Foil Stickers

Lenticular Cards

At this point, there are no plans for an English-language version, and while Blue Ocean runs an online shop, they are unable to sell their products outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland so those wanting to add these to their collections need to look to, where they are readily available and unrestricted by postal address.

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