UCS R2-D2 Officially Teased Then Redacted

The marketing strategists at LEGO have a long history of dropping Easter eggs into their promotional material, and fans are pretty quick to jump at shadows, hoping to find clues to the next release – just two days ago the flash rumor based on a background prop in the designer video for 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, that a Rebel Alliance pilot’s helmet was imminent (only to be debunked a day later when it was realized that it was also used in 2016 with the designer video for 10252 VW Beetle was posted on Youtube).

The latest Easter egg comes from the promo video for 75306 Imperial Probe Droid (which can be pre-ordered now), which – in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-moment at the end of the video – clearly has the dome of a large-scale, brick-built R2-D2 model below the table that the new centerpiece Imperial Probe Droid model is being displayed on.

Curiously the video isn’t on the official LEGO channel on Youtube, though a number of LEGO blogs have managed to upload the video to their own channels. However another version – which has the slow pan reveal removed – is available, suggesting that LEGO is covering up the existence of a new UCS R2-D2 – much like the Tweet that was removed earlier today.

This new addition to the UCS line-up has been on the rumor latest list for over two months now, with all indications that this set will be released – priced $199.99 – at the start of May and will be part of the May The 4th Be With You celebration (alongside a rumored microscale Tatooine Homestead gift with purchase set).

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