March Minifigure Madness The Winner Is…

A few weeks ago Twitter revealed their Star Wars minifigure bracket and kicked off the LEGO equivalent of March Madness. Featuring 32 of the most popular characters, the competition ensued and now we have a winner!

In place of four regionals, there were four character categories: Light Side, Dark Side, Droids, and Allies and Adversaries! Predictably Darth Vader took home the win for the Dark Side while R2-D2 locked down the droids and The Mandalorian ousted Boba Fett by the closest margin possible! As an unexpected surprise Yoda got the win for the Light Side.

As the semi-finals came to a close, it was set to be the battle of the galaxy: good vs evil, Light Side vs Dark Side. Although Mando is recent fan-favorite, it goes to show that sometimes you can’t beat the classics. Throwing it back to 2014, Yoda was pitted against Darth Vader again. LEGO even used the same theme as before: Choose Your Side!

Garnering nearly 50,000 votes, the final round would have the bad guys bringing it home. It looks like he really was the Chosen One. The Holo-Brick Archives would like to congratulate Darth Vader on his win!

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