MT4BWY: It’s On!

Planned to run between May 1st and the 5th, and have a global starting time of 7am CEST (6am BST/midnight EDT) the annual frenzy that is the May The 4th Be With You – aka Star Wars Day – shopping event has started early!

Proving flat earthers wrong, the spherical nature of the surface we live on means that the date clicked over to May 1st in New Zealand and Australia – the countries closest to the International Date Line that the May 4th promotion is running in – many hours before it did in Europe or North America and, unexpectedly, fans found that the countdown clock had changed from “starts in”to “ends in” and they could add the new 75308 R2-D2 to their bags.

Also available is the Tatooine Homestead gift with purchase, which automatically gets added to orders with the qualifying spend (US$85, CA$85, EU€85, UK£85, AU$169 or NZ$169). It’s worth noting that a suitable purchase only qualifies you for the gift – it does not guarantee that the Tatooine Homestead will arrive with your order (whether shipped together or separately).

If you find that the confirmation invoice does not include the free set it is worth contacting customer service and explaining the situation, because they will almost assuredly compensate you.

Similar to the virtual queueing system LEGO has employed recently, this early launch in the Outer Rim is likely to be a workaround solution to the server crashes that have been experienced on other new set launch dates and promotions. The expected Bad Batch shuttle pre-order isn’t visible yet though, and this is believed to be timed when May The 4th Be With You kicks off across the rest of the planet.

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  1. I think I might Bricklink the Tatooine set Landspeeder. Other than that, I am. It really too bothered!

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