Spring Sets Go Wild

Whenever a new wave is about to get released you can be sure that someone, somewhere will jump the gun and get the latest sets out ahead of the official street date.

And who can blame them? In today’s retail landscape the big box stores get such massive discounts because they have leverage that the only advantage the smaller retailer has is control over their own shelf space – and in this case an independent retailer in the south-west of the United States is taking the lead and getting these two new helmets and Imperial Probe Droid out early.

Originally aimed at the children’s toy market, LEGO has slowly moved to be more inclusive of consumers who grew up building LEGO sets. To fulfill their growing adult fan base’s desire LEGO launched the first range of Star Wars replica helmet builds (dubbed BucketHeadz) and two exclusive sets in August and November – and in March three new LEGO Star Wars construction sets for adult builders were revealed.

The new sets will feature two iconic additions to the LEGO Star Wars helmet collection first revealed last year – a bust inspired by Darth Vader and one in the likeness of a loyal Scout Trooper. Moreover, a stunning new model honoring the imposing Imperial Probe Droid completes the trio.

If you don’t have access to an old school comic bookstore you’ll have to wait for the official release date (April 26th) when LEGO releases 75304 Darth Vader helmet75305 Scout Trooper helmet and 75306 Imperial Probe Droid through their branded stores and via the official LEGO website, as well as a number of retailers including TargetEntertainment EarthArgos and Barnes & Noble, while those in Germany can get in on a special offer via JB-Spielmaren.

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