Surprise Sticker Set Spotted

Grainy it might be, but this is the only image of the mystery sticker sheet, which started making the rounds on various social media pages earlier today that we’ve got to go on for now. Clearly it’s part of the May The 4th Be With You celebrations, but where it will appear is anyone’s guess because LEGO isn’t the only retailer to take part in the Star Wars Day extravaganza.

In the past, as our upcoming history of May The 4th Be With You shows, a number of big box retailers have joined in on the fun – so it’s not a given that this sticker sheet kindly uploaded by ac_bricks-03 to his Instagram story) will be found in LEGO brand stores, but could be a Target or Walmart freebie.

If this whole May The 4th Be With You malarkey has caught you by surprise (and going by the number of posts in numerous Facebook groups here are quite a few fans who have somehow managed to remain blissfully unaware of the annual event) then you’ll definitely want to check out our complete guide to MT4BWY 2021 – and if you are already upto speed and know how thew sticker sheet is going to be distributed please share it with us in the comments below.

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