Tatooine Homestead GWP First Pics

The excitement is building for the May The 4th Be With You celebrations, which LEGO clearly leads the pack in, and the first sign of this year’s exclusive LEGO Star Wars set – if the rumors are to be believed – has surfaced.

Per the recent changes in the LEGO leak policy on how images from unannounced/released sets can be shared, we aren’t able to post the picture that the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) agency, the authorized government standards organization for the Republic of Korea, has posted on the product’s official test results page, as conducted by Korean Conformity Laboratories.

For those that don’t want to click through to see the publically hosted image won’t learn that this micro-build has a Sandcrawler (similar to the Tatooine Mini-build that was an exclusive at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and Fan Expo Canada in 2015), a raised area that has the homestead’s domed entrance, a (shallow) depression that the bulk of the homestead’s chambers radiate off and a vaporator. The safety standards website’s low-quality image also looks to show a landspeeder that closely matches the one that in 75213 Star Wars Advent Calendar, released in 2018. Not surprisingly the dominant colors are tan, with a touch of reddish-brown and some white highlights.

Fans hoping to add this to their collection might want to ride out the Spring wave, which included two new helmets and the Imperial probe droid, or hold out for the conjectured UCS R2-D2 because this set is believed to be the next big release and will be timed to come out during the May The 4th Be With You experience.

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