Bad Batch Preorders Expected On May 4th

Due to be revealed on May 4th and timed for the debut of the new Star Wars: Bad Batch animated series on the Disney+ streaming platform, the upcoming 75314 Bad Batch Shuttle/Havoc Marauder (working title) was accidentally revealed today when a splash for the new set appeared in an animated advert provided to LEGO affiliate scheme members by Webgains, the marketing network LEGO uses in Europe.

Allegedly first spotted by the German-language Star Wars collecting website,, the ad appeared in rotation on their website and, reacting with Jedi-like speed, they grabbed the images. A number of other LEGO collecting websites in Germany – like and – also spotted the slip-up and quickly capitalized on the faux pas by posting their own reports.

Fortune struck not once but twice, with the inclusion of a thumbnail of the set and a banner ad that included larger headshots of three of the Bad Batch characters – Wrecker, Hunter, and Tech – in their newly minted minifigure form. Close inspection of the square image shows five minifigures (presumably including Crosshair and Echo), a BARC speeder, a lime-green swoop, and the Havoc Marauder shuttle constructed of sand-blue (instead of the predicted mix of gray) LEGO pieces.

The existence of this set has been circulating for a week or so after a video, having accidentally been included in the official press release of 75308 R2-D2 that was shared with a number of media networks, was passed around and eventually made public by ex-LEGO Ambassador and Youtuber Just2good on his channel.

With the bulk of LEGO fansites having to adhere to the LEGO leak policy, there was a large number of keen fans waiting to jump on the first official news of this anticipated set. It came as quite a surprise that LEGO accidentally leaked it first – assuming it is a leak and not a clever marketing ploy, like the redacted R2-D2 content in the 75306 Imperial Probe Droid designer video.

Whatever the reason for – and outcome of – this leak, expect to be able to pre-order this set on Tuesday, for release in August 2020.

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