Star Wars Sets Expected To Retire Soon

Ever since the Beanie Babies fad of the late 1990s, collectors have paid close attention to the lifespan of toys, and LEGO fans are no different. With two events in the lifespan of a set – the release and retirement – being important to those who want a complete collection, the end of a set’s availability has become more and more important, especially for those who are holding out for clear out sales.

While the official LEGO business to consumer website is the authoritative source on which sets are retiring, a certain logic can be applied to the longevity of a set based on the length of other set’s lifetimes.

Othertimes the grapevine, which normally focuses on the birth of a set, reveals information on a set’s demise, as is the case with the current rumor list being shared by

Of these sets, only 75268 Snowspeeder is already showing up in the Retiring Soon list (in Australia) and given that the rest of the sets were all part of the Winter wave that came out in January 2020 (making them a year and a half old), it’s likely that we’ll be seeing these heading to Boca Vista soon.

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