75313 UCS AT-AT Release Date Rumored

If the current news circulating about the rumored UCS AT-AT is to be believed, then Black Friday just got better. According to Instagrammer lego_club_news the busiest shopping day of the year – November 26th – will be the day that 75313 hits the shelves.

A large-scale Imperial Walker has been on fans’ wish list for a long time but to date, LEGO has avoided producing an Ultimate Collector Series version of the All Terrain Armored Transport because of stability issues, Jens Kronvold Frederiksen informed The Holo-Brick Archives.

Breaking away from the usual September/October release window, this Ultimate Collector Series set will be the second UCS addition to the subtheme in 2021, a year that has seen more “Adults Welcome” releases than any other in the history of the LEGO Star Wars theme.

Given that the sting of buying the eight Summer wave sets, plus the rumored 75319 The Armourer’s Mandalorian Forge (which is thought to be a Walmart exclusive in the United States), will have barely begun to recede by the end of November – is the arrival of an $800 mega-build an indicator that the Winter wave, which typically hits shelves just before Christmas in the US and early January in the rest of the world, will be further reduced?

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  1. At that size and price, could it be motorized? As far as I can find, the only motorized Star Wars set has been the 2007 AT-AT. But the problem with that feature is LEGO’s obsession with poorly supported phone apps instead of mechanical controls. So maybe a standard display model would be for the best after all.

    • That’s a very good idea. It would explain the price and it would certainly make it stand out from the other AT-ATs we’vehad, and gie a reason for releasing another AT-AT so closely after the last one.

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