Is 75313 All Terrain Armored Transport One Step Closer?

Following a chat with a customer service representative at LEGO the likelihood of an Ultimate Collector Series AT-AT joining the subtheme has edged into the realms of plausible, shares one redditor who slipped a sly inquiry into a routine conversation and got some results when customer service employee didn’t successfully deflect the questions.

While it’s certainly not definitive, there are clues that suggest that LEGO does have a UCS AT-AT listed on their system.

Customer 8:07:53 PM
Can I ask about the 75313 AT-AT set, will this be a LEGO store exclusive?

LEGO Representative 8:08:41 PM
This could change, but for now it is. We don’t have that information yet

Customer 8:14:05 PM
ok, do you have a release date for it? when it will be available online?

LEGO Representative 8:14:34 PM
We won’t have that information until it’s available to the public. We are not allowed to announce it

While it is unusual for such information to be held so far in advance of a product’s release, it was a photograph of one LEGO brand store’s stock management computer screens that was the final piece of proof that the release of 75192 Millennium Falcon was imminent.

As helpful as they are, customer service staff normally only provide answers on items that are currently in stock (or have gone out of stock) and don’t usually have advanced information at hand. However, this conversation suggests that a product entry for the UCS set that many LEGO Star Wars fans have been keeping their fingers crossed for quite a number of years.

To date, LEGO has avoided producing a large-scale Imperial Walker model because of stability issues, Jens Kronvold Frederiksen informed The Holo-Brick Archives.

Could the Star Wars design team have found a solution (that doesn’t involve Kragle) that will stop a plus-sized Imperial Walker from toppling over?

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