Retiring Soon: Sets To Keep Your Eye On

It’s time to slash prices, it’s time to clear out sets, it’s time to make some shelf space for the Summer wave right now!

With the next drop of sets fast approaching, retailers are starting to discount LEGO Star Wars sets to make room for the six sets that are expected on August 1st, and according to Jay’s Brick Blog, the following are due for retirement over the next few months.

  • 40391 First Order Stormtrooper Brick Sketches – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75249 Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75256 Kylo Ren’s Shuttle – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75270 Obi Wan’s Hut – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75271 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75273 Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75274 TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75275 UCS A-Wing Starfighter – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75276 Stormtrooper Helmet – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75281 Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75284 Knights of Ren Transport Ship – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75286 General Grievous’s Starfighter – US/CA/UK/DE/AU
  • 75293 Resistance I-TS Transport – US/CA/UK/DE/AU

Some of these gel with the list of retiring sets we posted last month, others are starting to appear on the official retiring soon page on, while a few are surprising outliers. Regardless of the source, a certain logic can be applied to the longevity of a set based on the length of other set’s lifetimes and a good portion of these have been around for more than 12 months.

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