75310 Duel On Mandalore: Meet The Minifigs

As we progress through Season 7 of The Clone Wars, we watch as Ahsoka continues to find her own path after leaving the Jedi Order. In Episode 10 we head back to Mandalore where Darth Maul has been hiding after Ahsoka accepts the mission from Bo-Katan.

75310 Duel on Mandalore captures this scene and includes the two most important characters in minifigure form. Both of these characters have had prior iterations which we have covered in our Mini Steps series (found here: Ahsoka and Maul).

Ahsoka Tano

The Force-sensitive Togruta has grown up from her Padawan days. She has to find her own way through the galaxy and doing so requires the proper equipment and the proper clothing!

Serving as a bridge to her appearance in Rebels, Season 7 seeks to close some of the gaps in Ahsoka’s timeline. One step in doing so is changing into the dark blue outfit that was gifted to her with Mandalorian markings and replacing the dark red outfits from her younger years.

She is also older and her montrails have grown, so she is included with the larger headpiece. This version of Ahsoka was used last year in set 75283 Armored Assault Tank (AAT). She comes with her two blue lightsabers to fight off the Sith.

Darth Maul

Darth Maul is the first Sith that we are introduced to in the Prequel Trilogy. His menacing Zabrak appearance immediately conveys the Dark Side.

While his death is presumed at the end of The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul is resurrected in The Clone Wars. We see this transformation in set 75022 Mandalorian Speeder with his scrapped together cybernetic legs.

However, by the time of Season 7 his mechanical legs have become much more refined. His leg printing shows off this shiny silver armor while this brand new torso print goes with the open chest look. The head printing appears to be the same as the Crimson Dawn version released with the Character Encyclopedia but has a new part number. He of course comes with his double-bladed red lightsaber.

Although Ahsoka is a repeat character, this is a cheap option to get a quality minifigure for anyone who might not have had a chance to get her last year. The Darth Maul is an extremely cool overall design and is worth buying the set.

Don’t forget if you are a minifigure collector, the LSW Collector app will be adding the new minifigures shortly so you can continue to build your collection!

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