75312 Boba Fett’s Starship: Many Mando Minifigs

Boba Fett was thought to have escaped the Sarlaac Pit on Tatooine, but after the direction of the Sequel Trilogy many seasoned fans gave up hope of seeing him again. The Mandalorian sought to change all that.

While Cobb Vanth brought the armor, Boba brought the Fett. Season 2 of The Mandalorian was thrilling in a variety of ways, but the moment Boba Fett was back in action was a goosebump-provoking scene for many. Not only did we get the character back, but we also got his Slave I ship – 75312 Boba Fett’s Starship to be exact.

The Mandalorian

The gun-slinging outlaw of sorts brought the Western vibe to the Star Wars universe, but whether or not he does it better than Cad Bane is an argument for a later day. Although a Mando with a cowboy hat doesn’t quite bring the same feel does it?

The Mandalorian has swept Star Wars fandom, and LEGO has made sure to get in on the action. Although he is a main character, Mando has already had a couple of variations after only 16 episodes and a third is coming in a different set from this wave. This Din Djarin minifigure is the same as the one found in 75299 Trouble on Tatooine.

He comes with a dark brown body with silver Beskar armor comprising his plated vest, pauldrons, vambraces, gauntlets, and greaves. His bandolier is printed across the torso and gives the figure a good amount of detail. He comes with a dark gray cape to complete the look. For this set, he comes with his IB-94 blaster pistol and the Beskar staff that he got on Corvus.

Boba Fett

The name speaks for itself. He is one of the coolest bounty hunters in the galaxy and was the fuel for the entire Mandalorian story. His return in The Mandalorian was all too perfect, and we expect to see more of him with the upcoming The Book of Boba Fett series.

LEGO really outdid themselves with this minifigure. This version of Boba Fett continues with characteristics that we have seen in prior versions but gets an all-new coloration. The contrast of the green and yellow markings stands out against his black garments, and he joins only three other versions to have come with arm printing.

While the helmet mold is the same as prior versions, the printing did get updated to new shades of green and yellow. He also received a unique headprint. Boba is completed by the addition of his Z-6 jetpack. With his cycler rifle at hand, he is ready to face anyone who steps in his way.

If you are a minifigure fan or just a Fettishist, this set is a must-have especially if you haven’t gotten the updated Mando figure. Although we will likely see more versions of Boba coming, the quality of this figure’s design is unquestionable.

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