Photographer Expresses LEGO Star Wars Fandom In Cinematic Style

Constructing the latest LEGO sets during lockdown is nothing new – with huge sales peaks in 2020 and 2021 the Danish construction toy company has enjoyed a period of crisitunity due to the COVID-19 pandemic – but fan and semi-professional photographer Daniel Sands managed to combine his hobby and skills.

Inspired by Vesa Lehtimaki, who photographed Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy, Sands was able to channel his creativity and free time into a series of stylistic photographs that capture the cinematic nature of the context while retaining the subject’s child-like essence.

Using household material, such as baking powder, beach sand and ash from his barbeque, along with a simple homemade studio equipped with a desk light, Sands was able to create evocative and atmospheric shots on a budget.

“I try not to use any expensive items or expensive camera kit, but just cheap and accessible stuff. I want it to be simple with no fancy studio. The first ones I did I used an upturned pizza box on my tumble dryer, used a bike light for lighting and some baking powder to resemble snow.” he told the Dorset Echo in a recent interview.

If you want to see more of Sands’s work, then check out his Facebook page and see if you can find the photo that Mark Hamill gave a personal thumbs-up to!

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