What’s New?: August 2021 Site Updates

Come check out what’s new in August 2021 at The Holo-Brick Archives!

THBA has the goal of becoming the one-stop-shop for all things LEGO Star Wars. In order to continue improving and expanding the site, we will post monthly summaries of the changes that have been made to keep you up-to-date.

Content additions:

  • There is always more LEGO Star Wars content to uncover and archive which is why we’ve launched the all-new Library section which will feature printed works such as comics and mini-stories. Currently a handful of the earliest pieces are uploaded, but more will be coming!
  • Are you just as crazy about LEGO Star Wars as we are? Want to try your hand at breaking a World Record? Head over to our curated list of qualifying items that count towards the Guinness World Record.
  • VIP Points and age ranges have been added to the set details pages for all retail sets!

Database additions:

Instruction additions:

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