Let’s Get Ready To Battle!

After being pushed back over a year and faced with staff departures, Tt Games has finally released LEGO Star Wars: The Sky… no, that’s a different game. What they have released is a game that was announced over two years ago, had a soft-launched beta version who-knows-when, never received a public debut, and got mysteriously turned off earlier this year – only to be resurrected for Apple Arcade.

If this is the LEGO Star Wars game you’ve been waiting for then today is your lucky day, because the fully armed and developed version of this table-top RTS that makes use of minifigures and MicroFighters is now available through Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade is premium subscription gaming service that lets users download and play included games for one monthly fee with no added costs, and those already subscribing can add the title to their library through the Appstore.

For iOS users – including iPhones, iPads, Mac and Apple TV – who aren’t already subscribing, you can get a one-month trial before you have to commit to paying US$4.99 a month, and let six “family members” access your game library.

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