Outside Dexter’s Diner: The Video Game Minikits – Gungan Bongo

Anytime colorful ships are added to the Star Wars universe they are bound to get attention while they stand out from the sea of black and gray that is typical of the theme. Following on the heels of the Republic Cruiser is another bright design: the Gungan Bongo aka Gungan Sub. This set has been released in System scale with sets 7161 and 9499. The ship has also been released in micro-scale form with 9509 Star Wars Advent Calendar, but is missing from the mini-scale and Microfighter lines.

  • Episode I The Phantom Menace
  • Chapter 2 Invasion of Naboo
  • Pieces: 71
  • Dimensions: 20.1 x 14 x 3.9 studs

Mini Review

The build is very enjoyable, and the size is larger than initially expected. Besides the blue coloration, the trans-clear dishes that represent the windscreens are the most striking feature! The electromotive tentacles on the rear of the ship had to be altered from what is shown in-game. While a blue 6.6L bar exists, it is extremely expensive having only appeared in one UCS set. There are no alternative bars that would capture the same look. Therefore, the decision was made to use blue antennas. This substitution maintains the overall design while keeping the model affordable. The light bluish-gray slopes towards the rear of the ship are also hard to find as they only appeared in 75012 BARC Speeder with Sidecar.

Gungan Bongo Minikit

Click to downloadThe second minikit found in LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, the Gungan Bongo submarine (which was also replicated as 7161 Gungan Sub in 1999 and 9499 Gungan Sub in 2012) that carried Jar Jar Binks, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi was recreated in this 71 piece mini-scale model. Zip file includes PDF instructions and Bricklink XML inventory.

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