Outside Dexter’s Diner: The Video Game Minikits – Naboo Starfighter

The Phantom Menace continues to bring us colorful ships, and the N-1 Starfighter aka Naboo Starfighter is one of a few that can boast a LEGO appearance all the way from micro-scale to UCS. This ship has been featured in ten sets to date, but at the time of the game’s release there were none made at this scale.

  • Episode I The Phantom Menace
  • Chapter 5 Retake Theed Palace
  • Pieces: 47
  • Dimensions: 12 x 19.8 x 3.8 studs

Mini Review

This ship looks great at this scale and fits in perfectly with the other minikits. While the model is good for display, its construction is not very suitable for play. The dual J-type engines are weakly connected by a single headlight brick on each side. Similarly the central tail at the rear of the ship is only connected by a 2×2 tile. This has enough strength to keep the ship together but lends itself to falling off easily. Although the medium blue round plates are only in a few sets, the price is still low. The remaining parts can be found easily which makes the model cheap to complete.

Naboo Starfighter Minikit

Click to downloadBased on 7141 Naboo Fighter, released in 1999, this 47-piece mini-scale rendition of the sleek single-pilot craft Naboo starfighter could be unlocked after finding all ten of the minikit canisters in the fifth level (Retake Theed Palace) of LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game. Zip file includes PDF instructions and Bricklink XML inventory.

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