New Death Star Trench Run Takes Out The Trash

All rumors must be taken with a grain of salt even when coming from sources who have been largely correct in the past. Of course the uncertainty is what makes rumors fun!

After just announcing the new Adult Collector/18+ sets that are planned for next year, it seems that another has been added to the growing list. The interesting part is that it has displaced one of the prior rumors at least for the Spring launch.

Scrolling between the two images from known Instagram leaker lego_club_news gives all the details about this new set. With nearly triple the pieces, it appears to be a size up from the 40407 Death Star II Battle gift-with-purchase that was released last year. This would also be supported by the description suggesting that mini-scale ships will be included instead of the micro-scale A-wing and TIE Interceptor from before.

As you’ll note 75329 was originally assigned to the Trash Compactor scene. With the amount of information about the set already being circulated, it will presumably be included later in the year. The set number and price is now unknown again.

This should just about settle the rumors for the first half of next year with the exception of the pair of accessory packs that are still expected.

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