LEGO Star Wars Castaways Has Arrived

After being officially revealed at the end of October, the newest LEGO Star Wars mobile gaming app has arrived and is now exclusively – and globally – available to Apple Arcade subscribers.

Aimed at 8 to 10-year-old gamers, this new online social/action-adventure game lets players explore an all-new planet, allowing them to create their own minifigures, customize equipment, race MicroFighters, hang out with friends and challenge co-players to battle.

Asked about the creative process the team at Gameloft went through creative director Jacques Durand explained “We remembered what it was like when we were kids and we were playing with our LEGO toys, mixing and matching things and bringing out our own creativity to express ourselves with the unique things we’d create. We wanted something unique, something that could bring out the same expression and creativity brought out by playing with the actual physical LEGO toys.” to in a recent interview.

Working closely with Lucasfilm, the team at Gameloft decided on the backstory that framed the game’s narrative and created an entry point for players.

“We wanted LEGO Star Wars Castaways to be about you, the player, stepping into the world of Star Wars and discovering this mysterious planet, meeting all-new characters, and exploring and playing with your real-life friends.” said Craig Derrick, Lucasfilm Games executive producer, to

Having the player crashland on an unknown planet populated by aliens and droids from all corners of the Star Wars galaxy gave the designers a starting point that didn’t rely on any canon or non-canon events, and because the game takes place outside of the official timeline the player can’t put any of the core heroes or villans in danger.

Check out the trailer of LEGO Star Wars: Castaways to experience PvP content and co-op quests and then head to Apple Appstore to add it to your collection of games that can be played on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV with iOS 13.5 or later.

Official Trailer: LEGO Star Wars: Castaways on Disney Video
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