Special Midnight Opening For 75313 AT-AT In Europe

If you’re lucky enough to live in Europe (including the United Kingdom) then you might be one of the lucky few to pick up this set – along with a special gift – at one of the special midnight openings being held on November 26th.

In order to attend – and receive a special midnight opening gift – you will need to collect a bracelet in advance to gain entry to the event, which runs from 00:01 to 02:00 on Friday, 26th November 2021. This will allow for the purchase of one 75313 AT-AT and the receipt of one copy of the gift.

According to Promobricks.de, who contacted the LEGO store in Berlin, the free gift is not the rumored 40483 Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber gift with purchase that is expected to run in conjunction with the release of 75313 AT-AT on November 26th.

Bracelets are limited in number and given out on a first-come/first-served basis. One wristband will be issued per person and they cannot be collected on behalf of someone else. Entry without a bracelet is not permitted.

Check the links above to find out when bracelets are being handed out and how many will be available.

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