75313 AT-AT: Meet The A-Team

While most Ultimate Collector Series sets only come with a couple of minifigures, there are exceptions to the rule. However, the last time that we saw the rule broken was 2017 with the release of 75192 Millennium Falcon due in part to the fact that the Master Builder Series subtheme was created.

This plus-sized All Terrain Armored Transport begged for a platoon of troopers, so the inclusion of nine minifigures was a nice touch. Although none of them are new characters, there are some new designs mixed with some minifigs from the past to complete the entourage.

AT-AT Drivers

AT-AT Drivers, aka AT-AT Pilots, were a specialized class of Imperial trooper. Although the Original Trilogy shows them present only on Hoth, their suits were designed for any cold environment.

No ship is complete without a pilot and a co-pilot, and apparently Imperial walkers are no different. The pair sit within the head of the AT-AT as it tromps its way across Hoth. Joining the ranks for the first time is a female AT-AT Driver who sits alongside her frowning companion who has been included previously in 75288 AT-AT and 75298 AT-AT vs. Tauntaun Microfighters.

Their special insulated jumpsuits protected them from the subzero temperatures that Hoth was known for. They also wore a reinforced helmet and a life-support pack in case of needed extraction. LEGO captures all of these features with highly detailed torso and helmet printing. While the pair of troopers are identical on the outside, the heads underneath set them apart. Both come with a blaster pistol.

General Maximillian Veers

This General in the Galactic Empire was responsible for the ground assault on Hoth as well as the destruction of the shield generator after Admiral Ozzel failed Darth Vader.

In the last wave of sets, we were introduced to the first version of General Veers in his officer’s uniform in 75296 Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber. Shortly after this scene, Veers grabs his gear and prepares to head to the surface of the icy planet.

For this look, he wears an armored breastplate over his duty uniform. His rank badge and code cylinder are still prominent on the upper chest because we wouldn’t want to forget the hierarchy. He swaps out his officer’s cap for a open-faced helmet to provide him with better protection. His outfit is completed with a pair of tall black boots. He comes with a pair of electrobinoculars to make sure he can spot the shield generator!

Luke Skywalker

This Jedi Master fought against the Empire in the Galactic Civil War and would become the Rebellion’s hero throughout the Original Trilogy. While on Hoth it was his quick wits that helped him take down an AT-AT but not before he lost his co-pilot, Dak Ralter.

Since Luke Skywalker is one of the primary characters throughout both the Original Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy, he has been included in a variety of forms and throughout numerous sets. This version of himself is the same as the one included in 75301 Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter.

In recent years LEGO has honed their design of the orange rebel flight suit to make it include all of the details. The ejection harness, chest box, and white flak vest are all there. Luke’s got goggles and his classic red Rebel insignia helmet. Since this version has been re-used from an earlier set, the one downside is that LEGO kept the black gloves that he wears when piloting the X-wing as opposed to the white ones he wears when taking down the AT-AT. No Jedi goes without a weapon, so Luke has his blue lightsaber in one hand and a thermal detonator in the other.

Snowtrooper Commander

Blizzard Force was in full effect for the assault on Hoth. Serving under General Veers, this Commander was ready to lead his men into battle against the Rebels.

We haven’t had a dedicated Commander since 2014 when 75054 AT-AT was released. This time he has ditched the cloth kama that was included with the prior version and gotten some upgrades to his printing.

To stand out among his subordinates, the Snowtrooper Commander wore unique body armor that featured a rank badge on the chest. LEGO has given him a new torso print to represent this difference which captures both aspects well and sets him apart from the other Snowtroopers included in the set. He uses the same helmet and leg printing as the other troopers, but once again his head print is also different. He leads by example as he carries his own E-11 blaster rifle.


Although officially called Cold Weather Assault Stormtroopers, these specially trained troopers are more commonly known as Snowtroopers, a name coined in the vintage Kenner era of Star Wars play.

The outwards appearance of the Snowtrooper has been the same since 2019. Having appeared in numerous Hoth-based sets the design has been well utilized over the past couple of years.

Everything about Snowtrooper armor has been designed to fit the environment. From an insulated suit to a heated helmet these troopers are ready to withstand the cold. Their insulated belt kama is printed onto the legs, and the battery that powers the warmers is printed on the reverse of the torso. Underneath the helmet are faces that are unique to the set. They all carry E-11 blaster rifles.

If you’re interested in the evolution of the LEGO Star Wars minifigures then check out our detailed deep-dive articles that show how they have changed over the years.

With a selection of new skin tones and genders, the new 75313 AT-AT represents a new direction in diversity amongst LEGO Star Wars minifigures, a trend that isn’t shown in The Empire Strikes Back itself. How do you feel about this – share your thoughts in the comments below.

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