Is Bib’s Throne Room On Its Way?

Since late October rumors have been floating about the possibility of a Boba’s Palace set in 2022. While no rumor can be fully accepted until an official announcement has been made, there are plenty of unofficial leaks that go around to fuel our speculation.

With thanks to some resellers in Mexico, there is now more evidence that the set is on its way but not in the capacity that was initially envisioned. Showing up first in a LEGO Facebook group and then making their way to Instagram were the below images.

Some fans were initially scratching their heads at the pictures while others were in disbelief. What we have seen in recent years, however, is that once images like this are released usually they can be taken at face value.

On closer inspection the figure on the left matches the head and body of Rystáll Sant who is a singer/dancer in the Max Rebo band. She a human-Theelin hybrid and is the first of this species to be created in LEGO form. For some reason someone has added a new Bib Fortuna’s headpiece to her!

The figure on the right is a Quarren which is also a new alien species to be added. While we don’t have a name for this character yet, he can be seen lurking in background of Jabba’s/Bib’s Palace.

All three of these new minifigures point towards confirmation of a Throne Room or Palace set. However, unlike was originally rumored this set would most likely be based on the post-credit scene at the end of The Mandalorian Season 2 when Boba Fett executes the obese Bib Fortuna! Given the frequency of flashbacks in The Book of Boba Fett though, there is still a chance that another scene will be shown.

In addition to these three minifigs, the remaining expected figures are Boba Fett, Fennec Shand (with hairpiece), a Weequay, and a Gamorrean according to StoneWars. Based on this new information, unless another set is in the pipeline the rumored brick-built Rancor is unlikely to be real.

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