First Look At The Mandalorian And Luke Skywalker Helmets

We’ve been covering the rumor of the next helmet additions to the Adult Collector subtheme since September. This morning the first images were revealed thanks to Amazon Poland!

The most notable aspect of both sets is the inclusion of some excellent printed elements for the Luke Skywalker helmet and the change in design for The Mandalorian. The easy solution would have been a re-color of Boba Fett’s helmet, so it is nice to see that LEGO took the time to capture the differences.

Although the listings are currently marked as confidential, it is likely that an official reveal will be coming soon. No prices are listed, but both sets are expected to retail for $59.99.

While initial sources reported an AT-AT Driver as another inclusion, this was later removed from the suggested rumor list. However, it is expected that a Death Trooper helmet will be the next in the line up.

What do you think of the new helmets? Are these must haves for your collection, or do you plan to skip them? Let us know down below.

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