Is The Skywalker Saga Video Game Imminent Or Is It All Just Click Bait?

The release of the mega-installment of the LEGO Star Wars video game franchise – The Skywalker Saga – from Tt Games is getting closer reports Azzatru, via his YouTube channel, after picking up on several clues in the last month.

The latest wave of marketing blitzkreig – not that you’d have noticed it – began last November when the official LEGO Star Wars Game account (managed by Warner Bro Interactive Entertainment) on Twitter posted a video on November 17th commemorating Life Day – and the one year anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.

Most recently the LEGO Star Wars Game account shared a video marking the debut of The Book of Boba Fett on Disney+ last week.

Since it was posted Daniel Logan, the actor who played a young Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones, has confirmed that he provided new and original dialogue to the tweet, creating speculation that he has been involved in the upcoming game.

Perhaps the most intriguing updates have been a recent flurry of applications to recognize The Skywalker Saga’s content rating, with Australia, Spain, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany and now – as of Christmas Eve – South Korea all awarding it an age rating of PG.

While the Parental Guidance recommendation doesn’t have a universal definition, it largely suggests that it should be investigated by parents before they let their younger children (generally aged 15 and younger) experience the content and implies that some parents may consider the material unsuitable for their children.

Given the setting of the game and the nature of its content – and aside from the fact that all the LEGO Star Wars video games have received PG or G certificates since the arrival of the first title in 2005 – there’s very little worry that parents have anything to be concerned about.

What is concerning is that the last time this process was conducted was in October 2020, a full seven months before the game’s first (and shelved) release date of May 31st, 2021. Could the next LEGO Star Wars game still be half a year away, and not coming out in Spring 2022 as fans have been promised since August 2021?

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