Mini Steps: The Evolution Of The AT-ST Driver Minifigure

The January wave has shown an increased focus on Hoth-based sets following the release of 75313 AT-AT a couple of months ago which has given us the chance for some new minifigures from the icy planet. The Imperial AT-ST Driver – also known as an AT-ST Pilot – is a character that received more attention on Endor but was also present on Hoth because we see the two-legged walkers crossing the snowy terrain.


The first AT-ST Driver was released in 2007 with the addition of the second system scale AT-ST – set 7657. Like many of the early minifigures it was fairly plain using unprinted light bluish gray legs and an unprinted helmet. However, the helmet mold was a new design for that year. He came with a unique torso and face print. This version was also included in the 852553 magnet set which interestingly is the only set to call him an AT-ST Pilot.


It would be five years before the next version was released in 9679 AT-ST & Endor. He used the same helmet as the prior version and still came with unprinted legs. The face print was updated to included a dual-sided head with goggles down on one side and glaring eyes on the other. The torso printing was also updated to include more details.


By 2016 there were some significant improvements to the detail of the AT-ST Driver minifigure. Coming in 75153 AT-ST Walker was the next version which was based off of Rogue One. This was the first version to come with leg printing and add the goggle print to the helmet. The torso print was once again updated and the dual-sided head came with two new expressions.


The most recent addition came included with 75322 Hoth AT-ST. This is the first version to break the trend of a complete light gray jumpsuit and comes instead with a white jacket. The legs continue the printing with white detailing. For the first time the helmet mold has changed as well – the Han Solo in Mudtrooper uniform was the first to use it followed by General Veers. The helmet used on this AT-ST Driver combines the two by using the same goggle print as Veers but comes molded in dark bluish gray.

What do you think about the newest AT-ST Driver? Do you think the perfect one has been created, or would you have preferred to see it in all light gray? Let us know down below!

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