Mini Steps: The Evolution Of The Lando Calrissian Minifigure

The introduction of the next character in LEGO form was a historic, and controversial, moment in the development of minifigures. In 2003 Lando Calrissian became the first minifig to come with realistic skin tone. Prior to this LEGO’s approach to minifigures remained the same as it had since 1978 – yellow was thought to be neutral so all minifigures came with this tone. However, the addition of Star Wars as the first licensed theme brought into question what to do with minifigs that represented pre-existing characters and the actors/actresses that portrayed them. The choice to make Lando kickstarted the variety of skin tones that we have today.

With the introduction behind us, let’s jump into the normal Mini Steps breakdown. The Lando discussed above was released exclusively in 10123 Cloud City and has become one of the most expensive minifigures to date. Coming with a unique torso print and dual-colored cape as well as the first printed brown head, this minifig was quite the start back in 2003.

In fact the minifigure was iconic enough that LEGO selected it as one of the six retro minifigures used for the 20th anniversary lineup in 2019. Appearing in 75259 Snowspeeder – 20th Anniversary Edition, it looked very similar to the 2003 version making some collectors worried that it would devalue the original. While the torso is easy to distinguish because of the 20th anniversary logo on the back, the cape is a bit more difficult. Close attention to detail reveals that the knit of the fabric is different between the two, but this may be hard to tell when trying to purchase one.


Jumping back a bit, it was fifteen years before an update to the Cloud City Lando occurred. This version still had plain black legs, but the torso print was re-designed and the cape was transformed into a beautiful patterned print. He had a dual-sided head with a toothy grin on one side and a smirk on the other. Like its predecessor this version was exclusive to 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City.

With the Bespin outfits behind us, the next version of Lando came in a Skiff Guard disguise which required the creation of a new helmet mold. This version came exclusively in 6210 Jabba’s Sail Barge and featured a unique torso print as well as an all gray helmet. The face print was the same as the original Cloud City Lando, but this time it was on a reddish brown head. An updated Skiff Lando came six years later in 9496 Desert Skiff. This time the helmet was molded in dark brown and came with printing! Both the torso and head printing were updated as well.

Next up was Lando Calrissian in his General outfit. The first version was released in 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser. He used the same head as the first Skiff Lando and came with plain sand blue legs. He received a unique torso print that had his braid, belt, and insignia badge. An updated version would come in 2017 with set 75175 A-Wing Starfighter. He came with new torso and head printing although the head would go on to be used for the updated Cloud City Lando as well. The sand blue cape included in his assembly is exclusive to him. This version was also the first to use the updated coiled hair element.

Now that the three major styles of Lando Calrissian costumes have been covered, the last two variants focus on a different aspect of his evolution. With the release of Solo and later The Rise of Skywalker we were able to see Lando on both ends of the age spectrum. As such, included with 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon was young Lando and with 75257 Millennium Falcon was old Lando. Both feature unique torso and head prints that reflect the style from the times. He wears a variant of his black and blue cloak for each as well. Both use different hair elements to capture the effect that time has had on Lando.

Having covered a variety of costumes, as well as ages, Lando has been well-represented in LEGO form. We are putting our money on an updated Skiff Guard for the next version, but this is unlikely to be anytime soon.

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