Spring Wave Blossoms Early

While the 1st of March is the official launch date of the new wave – and will always be the first day of Spring on the metrological calendar – it seems this shelf embargo isn’t always adhered to in the rush to get hot LEGO Star Wars products into the hands of consumers.

This year is no different because the wait is over for some LEGO Star War fans with a number of the new Spring wave sets appearing early in the United States.

Members of the Bantha Bricks group on Facebook have already started sharing their finds, with four of the five Spring wave sets being found in the wild at various branches of CostCo, Meyers and a few local stores.

The trend seems to place these lucky discoveries in the Mid-West, but expect that to change as other retailers receive their stocks. If you don’t live in reach of any of these prematurely stocked items you can pre-order them at LEGO.com now.

While the third helmet – 75343 Dark Trooper – has yet to be found, it’s thought that this will follow the pattern set by 75274 TIE Fighter Pilot and 75304 Darth Vader helmets and will initially be a LEGO exclusive.

Alternatively, if you prefer to shop elsewhere, the Spring wave is expected to be available at WalmartAmazon.comTarget (United States), Costco, Toys R Us (Canada), ArgosSmyths Toys (United Kingdom), ZavviSmyths Toys (Germany), Target (Australia), BigWKmart and Toys R Us (Australia).

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