Mini Steps: The Evolution Of The Luke Skywalker Minifigure – Part III

This farm boy from Tatooine turned Jedi Master would become the hero of the Rebel Alliance during the time of the Galactic Empire, and eventually go on to start a new Jedi Order. As a result of his presence throughout the Original Trilogy as well as the Sequel Trilogy, Luke Skywalker has become the most numerous LEGO Star Wars minifigure with over 50 unique variants. In the first installment of his evolution we covered his Bespin/Dagobah variants, and in the second installment his Pilot versions. Now let’s take a look at Jedi Luke.

The first Luke in Jedi Knight attire came during the second year of the LEGO Star Wars theme. Released in 2000 were two different versions. Coming with 7104 Desert Skiff was first version which included the same head as prior Lukes, plain black legs, and a standard tan minifigure hairpiece. The torso was the only unique part and featured a simple Jedi robe print. Included one of the early three minifigure packs – set 3341 – was a nearly identical Luke, but this one came with a black cape and black hood which replaced the hair.

Two years later the next Luke was included in 7201 Final Duel II. This Luke was the same as the Skiff version with one exception – a black hand replaced the yellow hand from the prior version to represent the glove that Luke wore over his mechanical hand. Rounding out the field is the final variant which has a yellow hand, cape, but no hood. This version came with 4480 Jabba’s Palace.

Included in 6210 Jabba’s Sail Barge was the first Jedi Luke to come with flesh colored head and hands. The print remained the same on both the head and torso as the above versions. The following year Luke would again have his right hand switched to black for the version included in 10188 Death Star as well as in one of the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con sets. Throughout the lifetime of 10188 some minifigures were found with a “large eye” print which can be seen on some later versions of Luke Skywalker.

For the first time in ten years Jedi Luke finally got updated printing for the version included in 10212 Imperial Shuttle. The head was given pupil print consistent with other minifigures from the time. All the other parts continued to remain the same. This version was also included in the 9001741 and 8020356 watches.

After a decade of minor changes, it was time for a full redesign. The Luke included in 10236 Ewok Village came with a brand new torso print which featured significantly more detailing. The head from the Luke in 75005 Rancor Pit was re-used for this minifigure, and the hair was changed to dark tan for the first time. With a stern/smile pattern head is the nearly identical version included in the 8020356 watch set. More confusing is that the same watch set also had Luke with tan hair making yet another variant.


The next Luke appears to be a favorite of the LEGO Star Wars design team as it has been included in five different sets – 75093 Death Star Final Duel, 75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar, 75159 Death Star, 75291 Death Star Final Duel, and 75302 Imperial Shuttle – which is more than any other Jedi Luke version. The torso printing once again was updated with the biggest differences being the lack of the light gray fold-over and a more octagonal belt design. The head print is the same as the watch versions above, and he continues to use plain black legs and the standard hairpiece.


After twenty years not only was it time to go back to a hooded version but Luke also finally received leg printing. The torso printing is updated again to feature more folds in his Jedi attire, and the legs carry the printing down. The hood element is the same as was first used on Obi-Wan Kenobi and subsequently molded in black for a few other minifigures. The head print is the same as the above version. This Luke is included in the recent 75324 Dark Trooper Attack.

Nearly one out of every four Luke Skywalker minifigs is a Jedi Knight version which makes sense given how important this aspect was to Luke’s story. We don’t expect that the design changes will stop here, and leg printing will likely be the new standard going forward.

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