Out Now: LEGO Star Wars Magazine #81

The latest issue of the LEGO Star Wars Magazine from immediate Media is now available at newsagents in the United Kingdom

Along with a foil bagged 501st Legion clone trooper minifigure, this new issue comes with three Baby Yoda double-sided cut-out door hangers, a poster featuring The Knights of Ren on one side and a Wampa chase scene from Hoth on the other, numerous brainteaser puzzles, and a brief history of the 501st Legion.

Included within its pages are two comics with the 12-page The Intergalactic Games comic starring The Emperor and Darth Vadar on Coruscant and the three-page comic called Surprises!, featuring the included Clone Trooper on the planet Ryloth.

All of this is priced UK£4.25, and is available at newsagents and supermarkets throughout the United Kingdom. Overseas collectors can purchase their copy through newsstand.co.uk for UK£5.72, plus postage.

The next issue is out April 13 2022 and will come with a brand new AT-AT mini-build.

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