Does LEGO Have A UCS Medical Frigate Ready To Go? Sadly Not :(

Known for planting Easter eggs and teases in plain sight, guests at The LEGO Group’s offices in Billund often catch glimpses of prototype sets, and a recent visit by Instagrammer Dave’s Customs to the new campus that LEGO has just opened revealed that one of the display models is the medical frigate seen at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, immediately raising hopes that the LEGO Star Wars design team had prototyped a model.

Source: @daves.customs (via Instagram)

Rather than being a mock-up, this is actually a MOC (My Own Creation) built by custom builder Anders Horvath – which can be viewed at Eurobricks – and not the prototype model that some channels are claiming it to be. Special thanks goes to Jay at Jay’s Brick Blog who connected the dots, and also shared that select AFOLs were invited to contribute decorations to the new headquarters’ lobby.

This fan-favorite ship has long been on want’s list, and the fan poll that LEGO ran early in 2020 gave a glimmer of hope when it was offered as one of the options.

During a conversation with Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, the LEGO Star Wars design team lead, it was revealed to The Holo-Brick Archives that this iconic spaceship has been a set that LEGO has wanted to create for a long time but issues with connecting the primary structure and the main engines has always put them off.

“I think we’ve figured out a way” Jens revealed to The Holo-Brick Archives during the May The 4th Be With You celebrations in Sydney, Australia, suggesting that work had been done on the design of the model.

Do you want to see an Ultimate Collector Series of this classic vehicle or would something from one of the other Star Wars trilogies appeal to you more?

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