Early Confirmation Of May The 4th Be With You Promotion Details

Given advance notice because they’re on the far side of the world, Australian and New Zealander members of the LEGO affiliate program have received details of the upcoming May The 4th Be With You celebration of all things Star Wars – which has been running since 2011.

Our Star Wars™ gifts with purchase always prove popular with our shoppers at this time, and this year is no exception. We will be offering The Mandalorian™ Beskar Keyring for our VIPs free with LEGO® Star Wars™ purchases over $149AUD/NZD, and the 40531 Lars Family Homestead Kitchen free with LEGO® Star Wars™ purchases over $229AUD/NZD.

LEGO AU/NZ Affiliate Scheme

The past few weeks have seen a number of sources claiming knowledge that there were three GWP thresholds ($40, $70, and $160), but couldn’t assign any gift with purchases (GWP) items to them. Now we can:

  • $70 – Beskar keychain
  • $160 – 40531 Lars Family Homestead Kitchen

It has also been confirmed to The Holo-Brick Archives that there is an overstock of the 30625 Luke Skywalker with Blue Milk minifigure, and some LEGO branded stores have received boxes of this minifigure already. There’s no word what the distribution instructions are, but it’s likely that anyone spending US$40 will be rewarded with the minifigure that is exclusive to the deluxe version of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game.

Customers spending over $US70 will get to go home with a specially crafted steel keychain that looks like a block of beskar. It will have the LEGO Star Wars logo printed on the back and will come in a black cardboard box. You need to be a member of the VIP Rewards program to get this, so sign up if you aren’t already.

Long-term collectors will remember that minifigs were the principal GWP from 2012 to 2016, when LEGO started giving away small brick-built models in 2017 and 2018. Following this, the micro-battle scenes -which were available from 2019 to 2021 – became the freebie that fans sought.

Changing tack once again, LEGO has a new concept for their GWP – one that ties in with the latest Diorama series sets that are due out on April 26th; 40531 Lars Family Homestead Kitchen.

This 195-piece minifigure-scale model of the kitchen from the Lars family homestead comes with an all-new and exclusive Aunt Beru minifigure. This set is available for those who spend $160 or more.

The big-ticket item of this May The 4th be With You event is the new 75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder – an upsized UCS-version of the SoroSuub Corporation X-34 that carried Luke across the shifting sands of Tatooine. Its US price hasn’t been confirmed yet, but its AU$319.99/NZ$399.99 price in Australia and New Zealand far exceeds the required threshold to get the 40531 Lars Family Homestead Kitchen set, so there’s little doubt that US customers buying this set will receive the primary GWP.

This in-store and online offer runs from May 1st through to the 4th and is valid in participating LEGO branded stores and may exclude Certified, LEGOLAND park, and Discovery Center outlets, so call ahead.

All qualifying purchases must be Star Wars products, and – generally speaking – all the offers stack up, so big spenders should go home with multiple gifts.

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