Is This The May 4th VIP GWP?

With the biggest annual celebration in Star Wars-dom just under three weeks away it’s just a matter of time before word starts to spread, and it looks like the first clue as to what LEGO has in store has just hit social media.

The metal fob – which measures approximately 1 x 1.6 inches (25 x 40 mm) – on the keychain is a “pure beskar” block that has the Imperial roundel stamped on it. Unlike the Han Solo in Carbonite keychain, it doesn’t look particularly like a LEGO product until you turn it over, because the reverse side has the LEGO Star Wars logo and identifying text.

Packaged in a small black box made of cardboard, similar to the one that the Han Solo in Carbonite keychain came in, the packaging clearly states that it was manufactured in 2022, but a search for the barcode doesn’t reveal any relevant results.

Designed by RDP Creative Ltd, a full-service promotional and consumer products sourcing company based in London, they are the same firm that produced the Han Solo keychain for LEGO in 2020, so the chances of this being a custom are very slim.

The distribution mechanism or activation method for this item is not yet known, but community speculation suggests it is a gift with purchase during the May The 4th Be With You retail event – which is due to start in 18 days – for suitable purchases made by VIP Rewards members.

The last time LEGO produced a metal Star Wars keychain was for a gift with purchase promotion that ran in October/November 2020, though they have also produced a metal brick keychain that was sold through the VIP Rewards program later that year.

What do you think it is? Share your thoughts with us below.

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