The Skywalker Saga Is Now Complete!

For the last seventeen hours – starting on the western side of the Pacific ocean when midnight reached New Zealand – and two and a half years, the latest LEGO Star Wars video game to come from Tt Games has finally been released!

Available on Xbox One/X series, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5 and Windows PC, you can now walk into your nearest video game or big box store and grab a copy of the standard, deluxe and steelbook editions of the game for yourself.

If you are still on the hunt then check out our handy shopping guide or jump over to (United States / Canada / United Kingdom / Europe) where all versions of the deluxe edition – complete with the exclusive Luke Skywalker with Blue Milk minifigure are available to order now.

Already gaming? Then head over to our DLC character page to remind yourself what extras you can look out for in the coming month, and get yourself a subscription to The Holo-Brick Archives by clicking on the blue bell on the right to get a reminder when we post game updates, reviews and gaming codes over the next week.

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