75341 UCS Landspeeder – First Pic?

There are certainly a lot of rumors concerning the May The Fourth Be With You promotion and upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets at the moment, and there’s one that’s caught the community’s attention – a purported photo of the UCS Landspeeder that is expected to take center stage at this year’s annual Star Wars celebration.

Despite the fact that the last time the leak squad got wind of this set it turned out to be a prank, this latest image – which is being hosted at Willbrickproduction on Instagram – is being taken seriously.

Aside from the form of C-3PO minifigure, which is suggested to be the new one that has a dual-molded leg, and the vague outline of a data plate, there’s very little to go by in this grainy photograph.

With only 13 days until the expected May 1st start date of the May The Fourth Be With You promotion, there’s sure to be some official confirmation to come from LEGO soon. Expect an official announcement after the freshly unveiled Diorama series is officially launched on April 26th.

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