75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder’s Minifig Crew

Luke Skywalker’s X-34 Landspeeder is one of the first vehicles seen on screen and has become a recurring part of LEGO’s repertoire (more often in fans’ minds than in reality). For the first time, it has been given to us in a supersized scale.

Reverting back to the trend of including two minifigures, this Ultimate Collector Series set offers one repeat minifig and one that is exclusive. Although later scenes show Obi-Wan Kenobi and R2-D2 tagging along, only Luke and Threepio will be participating in this journey.


He is C-3PO, human cyborg relations. Fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, he not only helps the Skywalker family throughout their years but also finds himself immersed in some of the most important moments of history in a galaxy far, far away.

With his numerous appearances, this protocol droid has had many opportunities to make it into sets. In fact, he has been included in at least two dozen sets and numerous watches and books. In the 75339 Death Star Trash Compactor minifigure breakdown, we looked at the major upgrade that C-3PO received, but the one in this set is even better!

Using the same updated torso, arm, and hip printing as the last version, this one takes it up another notch because for the first time C-3PO has been given a proper “silver” leg by using dual-molded light bluish-gray plastic in the lower portion. The front leg and toe printing is the same as the last version as well, but this one utilizes side leg printing reminiscent of the red arm polybag version.

Luke Skywalker

This Jedi Master to-be fought against the Empire in the Galactic Civil War and would become the Rebellion’s hero throughout the Original Trilogy. His start, however, came as a farm boy on the desert planet of Tatooine.

Luke Skywalker has appeared in many different costumes and as a result of his presence throughout the Original Trilogy as well as the Sequel Trilogy, he has become the most numerous LEGO Star Wars minifigure with over 50 unique variants. We previously covered Farm Boy Luke in a dedicated Mini Steps feature.

His Tatooine outfit consists of a white tunic, tan pants, and a brown leather belt with a rectangular silver buckle. All of these aspects are covered in this version of Luke which has been included in seven different sets and one magazine since 2016. His dual-sided head with a smile on one side and a stern expression on the other sets him apart from previous variants.

Buying a UCS set for the minifigures is not something that we would recommend even when they are exclusive. However, this C-3PO feels like the pinnacle for LEGO. Other than going back to a chrome finish, it seems that it can’t be outdone. Whether you buy the whole set or find the minifig on the secondary market is up to you.

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