Fun Time: Newest LEGO Star Wars Books Hit Shelves

The most recent additions to the LEGO Star Wars publication list have been spotted and are grabbing a fair amount of attention.

First found in Australia were two books both with the title Time to Play. One of these featured Poe Dameron while the other came with a Death Star Gunner. We remarked on how they don’t offer much in terms of readability and are more in line with small activity books, but for the price and a cover-mounted minifigure you can’t complain.

Joining this style of book are three new publications that have been spotted in the UK. All three come with the tittle Fun Time. Like the others each comes with a clamshell on the cover that contains one minifigure.

The Imperial Officer is the same as the one included in 75184 Star Wars Advent Calendar, the 2018 LEGO Star Wars Annual, and a couple of books in other languages. Biggs Darklighter first appeared in the German book Rätselabenteuer mit Rebellen while the Death Star Trooper has been found in 75159 Death Star and the Quest for the Kyber Saber book.

The interesting part is that so far these books have only been found in the UK’s discount chain of stores called Poundland. As can be seen in the photo, these are intended to retail for £4.99 but have been marked down to just £2. For anyone who doesn’t already have these minifigures, this is the cheapest way to obtain them and is undoubtedly a good value.

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