75323 The Justifier Minifigs: Captor, Captive & Rescuers

As the hunt for Omega pits Cad Bane against Fennec Shand, The Bad Batch embark on a rescue mission and it is up to Hunter to save their adopted sister-clone from being taken away on 75323 The Justifier.

The set features a total of five minfigures. Two of these are repeats released in the last year while the remaining three are new. Let’s have a look at who all is included.

Cad Bane

This Duros cowboy bounty hunter was considered one of the best in the galaxy during the Clone Wars prior to making appearances in The Bad Batch and The Book of Boba Fett series.

We’ve had two prior versions of Cad Bane: one included in 8098 Clone Turbo Tank and 8128 Cad Bane’s Speeder and the other included in 75024 HH-87 Starhopper. However, it has been nearly a decade since the last one was released.

This version is a complete update compared to both of the prior ones. He has a dark brown vest with armor on top, dark brown pants with knee pads, and his unique rocket boots which are captured by brand new torso and leg prints. Unlike the other two versions, this time he has been given a pearl dark gray head with his blue face printed on. This fits in perfectly with the brand new breathing tube apparatus that comes in flat silver. Lastly, a new wide-brimmed hat element has been created for him. He comes equipped with his dual LL-30 blaster pistols!

Fennec Shand

Fennec is an assassin/bounty hunter first introduced in season one of The Mandalorian and then written into The Bad Batch. Here she is on the hunt for her next target.

The Book of Boba Fett gives viewers some insight into Fennec’s background although still not much is known. We’ve received her in two prior sets: 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser with her helmet and 75326 Boba Fett’s Throne Room with a hairpiece.

She dresses all in black and wears brown gloves and boots that have orange detailing on them. Although the leg printing primarily depicts the kama that she wears, there are orange lines on the arms to represent her glove pattern. The torso printing is also unique and shows off her waist sash and padded vest well. She has a unique headgear mold to represent her open-visor helmet with the contrasting black and orange coloration. She is equipped with a blaster pistol.


Possessing a natural talent (or perhaps it was part of his genetic modification?) for leadership, Hunter is the gruff – but friendly – non-commissioned officer of the Bad Batch.

Our first look at Hunter was in 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle as he was included along with the other members of Clone Force 99. This one is identical to that version.

The warpaint on his helmet is the signature feature and is well-captured on the LEGO version. He comes with a pearl dark gray Clone Trooper helmet which until the Bad Batch had never been made in this color. He also features a unique torso and leg printing to represent his Katarn-class Commando Armor. Perhaps the best part of this figure is the unique head print which again shows his warpaint and the characteristic red bandana. He is equipped with his weapon of choice – the vibro-knife.


Omega is the only known female clone created from Jango Fett’s genes. She worked in Tipoca City on Kamino until she met the members of Clone Force 99.

While the rest of the Bad Batch was released in set 75314, Omega was the glaring omission that had fans wondering when and how she would show up in a set.

Her youthful age and small stature destined her for the short legs element in black to match her black pants and boots. She comes with a unique torso print which represents her white tunic with red and blue sleeves. While her hair is a common piece that has been used on numerous Harry Potter minifigures over the past few years, this is the first time that it has been released in tan. She also comes with a unique head print with a simple smile.

Todo 360

Todo 360 is a techno-service droid created by Vertseth Automata and accompanies Cad Bane on several missions including the one to capture Omega.

Although not technically considered a minifigure by LEGO, many of the droids are included in this category by fans so we will include him here.

Like D-O and the BD units, this droid is comprised of a single molded element. He is a bipedal droid with two skinny legs and two skinny arms. Techno-service droids had a notable head shape and a rotund abdomen. LEGO has managed to capture all of these aspects in a small but effective piece. His printing adds detailing to the body and his yellow eye sensors.

With two of the minifigures being repeats, the secondary market price of these two is likely to drop as supply goes up. This means that the remaining three characters will have to hold the value for those that split sets. Cad Bane is the obvious favorite, but Omega has been requested by many as well which makes them likely to sell well. Overall it may be better to find these characters on the secondary market since the price of the set will likely be off-putting for minifigure collectors.

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